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5K iMac vs. iMac Pro: The pro's silent fans made a fan out of me | iMore

Stephen Hackett did exactly what I would have done - calculated that the top of the range iMac would do it, bought it, and regretted it. I’m not in the market for an iMac right now but his experience here is one I’ll keep in mind. For now my 2011 Mac Mini Server is still running well enough - hopefully that will remain the case until Apple finally release a new model.

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"Wireless" charging standardises

It was clear as soon as Apple announced they were going with Qi charging that the other standards would likely die, hopefully the resources from creating the different standards will go a long way - greater range, for one, would be appreciated.

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Goodbye to Transmit

I’m very sad to hear that Panic are discontinuing another app - I found out about Status Board too late, but have been a heavy user of Transmit for the last few months.

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Daring Fireball: Pressing the Side Button to Confirm Payments on iPhone X

I think Apple needs to come up with a better indication -- perhaps something more explicit, the first time you encounter it -- that you need to click the hardware button, not tap something on screen.

I have to agree, I did not “get” how to purchase apps to start with (one of the first things I did with my iPhone X), once I knew how to do it then it was obvious - so I would guess the physical action came first and the animation later, when everyone testing it knew how to use it.

AirPods - A Year On

Just over a year ago I walked into the Apple Store and picked up my AirPods - I was lucky enough to get a pair on launch day, but wasn’t really sure if I’d like them. Over the next few days I got used to them and found that unlike EarPods they didn’t cause my ears to ache - or constantly fall out.

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WWDC Keynote Games

Today is the day, Apple fans are perhaps a little too excited but that’s par for the course. We’ve had plenty of “pre-announcements” and speculation that these have come over the last week because they’re running short of time in the Keynote. There’s even been an apparent supply chain leak on Reddit (and a handy summary if you don’t feel like wading through all those comments).

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