Today is the day, Apple fans are perhaps a little too excited but that's par for the course. We've had plenty of "pre-announcements" and speculation that these have come over the last week because they're running short of time in the Keynote. There's even been an apparent supply chain leak on Reddit (and a handy summary if you don't feel like wading through all those comments).

There are a few WWDC games you can play along with during the keynote (useful if it's 3am your time and you're tired!), so I made a short roundup:

  • Upgrade #143: Myke or Jason? Who gets more points? There's a PDF scorecard in the comments, and you can listen to their episode afterwards discussing the event and dishing out scores (they have an independent judge incase they can't agree!).

  • WWDC 2017 Keynote Bingo: From /u/TheMechanoids on Reddit. I appreciate the fact that "one more thing..." is right in the middle - and I hope we get a full house!

  • Connected #144: Federico, Stephen and Myke decided not to score but to decide who would be happier, Federico suggested the Happy-o-meter, and I threw one together, there was a positive reaction on Twitter so here it is in PDF for you if you prefer that to an image.

Have fun, and remember - even if you don't get what you thought you wanted you might well get something much better.

Personally I've even thrown a WWDC 2017 wallpaper on my watch ;) (Wallpaper available from

Oh, and if you're planning on installing the developer betas don't forget to do an encrypted backup first.