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Elsewhen, An App For Translating Times

Time is hard, and moreso when you and your friends are spread out around the world. Fortunately, technology can help us handle these things!

ScreenCastsOnline: NetNewsWire

In my latest video for ScreenCastsOnline, I walk you through the newest version of NetNewsWire on the Mac and iPad. After getting a tour of the user interface, you learn how to add news feeds, organise them into folders, and sync all your content between your Mac and iOS devices using Feedbin.

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Nested Folders 21: Boundaries

In this episode of Nested Folders, Scotty and I discussed the importance of defining and managing boundaries, as well as how we might need to shift them in the context of significant change.

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Automators 45: LaunchCuts, Feedback, and More!

In this week's episode of Automators, David and I dove into our pile of feedback. As well as looking at Launchcuts, we also looked a how you can file feedback when things are broken on iOS (as some actions break in Shortcuts from time to time!), and reviewed our Streamdeck setup and more.