I'm a nerd all over the internet, and I beta test nearly every app I can!

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January 28th 2019, 3:27pm

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I'm thinking of backing this Kickstarter project for a portable monitor just to use it with my Nintendo Switch? https://kck.st/2UqG0az (Taihe Gemini is also a very weird name...)

January 21st 2019, 10:43pm

Checked in at Lufthansa Business Lounge. Grabbing some food before my flight home! Thankfully aside from some mild turbulence getting here was uneventful.


All about me

I am working at the Technische Universit├Ąt Wien developing in house software solutions. I studied French and German as foreign languages at university in the UK and lived in France, Germany and Austria as part of my degree program. I now live and work in Vienna, Austria.

My Latest Projects

Currently I am primarily working with PHP making web based services. These all have a user interface and are in use at the Technical University of Vienna.

Package Manager

As many employees receive packages keeping track of them is vital. After several packages went missing I created a user interface with a database. Packages can now be scanned with a scanner and the employee gets an email immediately. To pick up the package they have to log in (which can be done via ID card).


This is based on the premise of the package manager. Anyone can drop off a harddrive for secure disposal and we then log into the system and mark each drive as destroyed as we do so. Users can log in from their own computer to see what state their drive is in.

Arch-Assyst Bridge

As we are moving to a new ticket system we need to import data from the various other systems we have been using. I am creating a bridge which allows us to import from various sources via REST, edit and update the data (as well as complete missing parts), and then send it on - via REST again - to the new ticket system.

Card Kiosk Controller

We have a number of card kiosks around the university which can print a new expiration date on the thermo field on the back of our student and employee ID cards. Occasionally these machines run into problems and we need to be able to reboot them or control them remotely, or see the state of various parts of the device. This simple web page allows the relevant staff to see the state of each socket of each card kiosk, and control them individually or as set.


Our student assistants have a system for tracking the number of hours they need to complete per semester, and when they have shifts as well as duties to be accomplished during these shifts. I am currently writing a new system to handle this which will also allow us to change systems on a semester by semester basis - with no programming knowledge required for the administrator. It will also integrate with our Exchange calendaring system to allow the shifts to be put directly into the calendars of student assistants.

Grav Feed Plugin

I made some small contributions to the Grav feed plugin to add support for the new JSON feed format.