With just 5 days to go before Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference everyone's getting in on the prediction/wish list action!

  • MacStories's Federico Viticci along with Sam Beckett did a brilliant video of an iOS 11 concept - I especially like the Shelf, it feels very Apple like and I could see myself using it a lot.

  • The Upgrade WWDC Keynote Draft had Myke and Jason make 10 picks each that they think or hope will happen - I'm looking forward to the post-keynote scoring episode! I'm also crossing my fingers for another #mykewasright and that a 10.5" iPad Pro is announced - as much as I love my 12.9", if the iPad Mini is indeed dead I would like to consolidate to one device and 12.9" is too large whilst the 9.7" is too small really.

  • Canvas made wishes, Federico and Fraser got Merlin Mann on as a guest (making the episode even more fun) - Fraser and Merlin made an excellent suggestion that it would be good if you could find apps you've not used in a long time or which haven't been updated for a while. We currently have the ability to find the 32 Bit apps (under Settings > General> About > Applications), but that alone isn't that helpful.

Bye bye to Pirates!

  • Joe Steel made some excellent comments on tvOS. I particularly like the picture in picture suggestion, and the change away from the Rolodex view.

So, with all of the above, I have a few of my own wishes:


  • I would really like them to Sherlock Yoink - it's a great concept and I love it. Unfortunately my parents and many less technical folk don't see the point of paying for things like this when they can do it the more difficult way for free.


  • iPad Splitscreen improvements - basically the current system is only workable if you spend a lot of time making it work. For a machine to be ideal it needs to work for you - and right now I'm working for it.
  • Being able to set default contact methods for different contacts. I have friends in multiple countries, if I want to call them I am almost never going to use the phone app - it'll be via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype. Currently I have to remember which method I use and use it specifically.


  • More flexible watch faces. I would like to have a few completely customisable faces, think of a modular face with 9 boxes, you can choose to merge any boxes next to each other - allowing you to make complications of various sizes.


  • Adding local media storage and apps like Infuse to the TV app. I have all this content, but I need to visit multiple different apps to find all my content.
  • Speaking of which: the TV app needs to be available outside of the USA/North America.


  • I get it, Siri isn't an operating system. But it would be good if Siri could work (mostly) the same way across all platforms. I can't create a note on my watch - but I can on my phone. Consistency, and a shared brain would be excellent. Not needing to set up who my family is on every device would be a good start.