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TaskPaper to OmniFocus Project in a Folder with Editorial

When OmniGroup first added Taskpaper support to OmniFocus they published an Editorial workflow which allows you to create new project - in the Mac Power Users Facebook Group someone asked if you could specify which folder the project should go into, a few minimal tweaks later and here is the solution! The key changes were:

Review: MacSparky iPhone Field Guide I was fortunate enough to get a quick look at David Sparks’ new field guide in Chicago earlier this year and was impressed - and then David kindly sent me a copy of the book to beta test! I expect you all think of me as a power user, and I class myself in that category as well, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find how many tricks I was missing on my iPhone!

Workflow: Clearing Out Your Camera Roll

Clear The Camera Roll Sometimes you take screenshots, lots of screenshots. And sometimes you use built in screen recording to capture what's happening on a device. You probably use these features even more frequently if you’re beta testing an app - and that’s how this Workflow came to be. Ryan mentioned in the OmniFocus Beta Slack that his camera roll was suffering with all the screenshots he’s been taking. Challenge accepted. This workflow will help you delete both screenshots and screencasts you’ve taken on your devices.

Workflow: Mac Power Users & Podcast Show Notes

This is a very simple Workflow I use to get the show notes for the Mac Power Users podcast, I use it when I’m listening on another device and I don’t want to grab it or interrupt what I’m doing. It’s quite simple, just 3 steps in fact.

Omnifocus 3 Sneak Peak

I'm fortunate enough to have been let into the very early OmniFocus 3 Beta. The app isn't finished yet, but here are some of the features which you might enjoy. To make things clear, I have the dark theme on OF3, and the light theme in OF2 - and I've tried to do screenshots to let you compare the two easily.

Tile: Finding the Things I Lose

I am a forgetful person, not necessarily disorganised, but forgetful. And the more I have to do the more forgetful I tend to be - which results in things like misplaced keys, purses, ID cards - and naturally at the most inconvenient of moments. I heard about Tile a long time ago, but the thought of not being able to replace the battery or recharge the device seemed wasteful.

Apple Store Opening, Vienna

00&classes=image-right "Apple Store Vienna, Grand Opening") The first Apple Store in Austria opened today, and it happened to be the 501st Apple Store. I attended the opening and was lucky enough not to be too far back in the line - lots of people seem to have arrived before midnight, including one man from China who arrived at 2pm the day before! At it was cold I only got there at 7am.

Controlling a Raspberry Pi via SSH

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running HomeBridge, HomeAssistant, and a few other services. It has a 7" touchscreen display attached which is lovely - but bright. I prefer to turn the screen on and off when I want to use it instead of relying on the energy saver preferences (as I inevitably use the device just before I want to sleep) - however typing the terminal commands to do it is rather old fashioned.