Just over a year ago I walked into the Apple Store and picked up my AirPods - I was lucky enough to get a pair on launch day, but wasn't really sure if I'd like them. Over the next few days I got used to them and found that unlike EarPods they didn't cause my ears to ache - or constantly fall out.

A year later I use my AirPods most of the time without thinking about it. They have become something I take with me almost everywhere without thinking about it. From my smallest handbag, to the side of the pool, to flights across the Atlantic Ocean they have gone on every trip I've made. They're not perfect - if they had noise cancelling built in then I would use them even more instead of getting my over ear headphones out to block loud conversations and screaming children. But if I'm commuting to work these are what I reach for - and they're wonderful.

Since the release of iOS 11 you can customise the controls on the AirPods independently of one another. I set my right ear to play/pause, and the left ear to skip the track. I rarely use the play/pause option to be honest - removing an AirPod is usually what I do, and the auto resume when you put it back in your ear has been flawless for me.

The case for my AirPods is showing a few marks and dents where it has slipped out of my hand onto the pavement a few times, however as Apple have said they will be selling a case with Qi charging built in I'm not too worried - the Qi charging will allow me to top up the case regularly without really thinking about it.

I love my AirPods - a lot more than I thought I would.