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AirPods - A Year On

Just over a year ago I walked into the Apple Store and picked up my AirPods - I was lucky enough to get a pair on launch day, but wasn't really sure if I'd like them. Over the next few days I got used to them and found that unlike EarPods they didn't cause my ears to ache - or constantly fall out.

Creating Rich Contacts on iOS

I recently discovered a little trick from the Map app in iOS - that you can add a rich contact to your contact, complete with map.

WWDC Keynote Games

Today is the day, Apple fans are perhaps a little too excited but that's par for the course. We've had plenty of "pre-announcements" and speculation that these have come over the last week because they're running short of time in the Keynote. There's even been an apparent supply chain leak on Reddit (and a handy summary if you don't feel like wading through all those comments).


Everyone's been talking about JSON feed recently, or at least that's how it seems! As said by John Gruber, it's written for real humans. JSON is everywhere nowadays, and it's very easy to parse!

Omnifocus resources

I've been using OmniFocus ask my task manager for a good few years now, and I frequently like to search out articles about how other people use it to glean some ideas - and I frequently pick up tips.

Charging Tech While Travelling

Whenever you're on the go you always seem to end up needing to charge more gadgets simultaneously than at home - or at least you do if you're me. Along with the standard devices there are backup battery packs, and of course, if there are any long journeys you want everything fully charged before you depart! One handy little thing I've been carrying in my travel bag for over a year now is the AUKEY 5-Port USB Charger. As the name implies it has 5 ports, and each of them should charger at 10A (the power of the old iPad chargers). While it's not perfect - it certainly won't charge my massive 12.9" iPad Pro in a hurry, it's more than good enough for nearly everything else. I can charge my phone, both iPads, headphones and a battery pack simultaneously - and if I plug in the behemoth of the iPad Pro overnight it'll be 100% come morning too.