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The New Mac Power Users Community

The Mac Power Users community which I have been helping to moderate has a wonderful new home on Discourse. The Facebook group has been archived (which means it is still there, but in read only mode), and is already exceedingly popular. I know a large number of the Mac Power Users fans are not Facebook users and hope that they will join this community.

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Workflow: Drafts 5

Workflow has built in support for Drafts 4 - but no actions for Drafts 5. This workflow is intended to replace some of that functionality. You can share text to it, get text from the clipboard, type text in, or modify the text on the keyboard to start.

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Review: Juuk Rainbow Watch Strap

A while ago I ordered a rainbow watch strap. Not just any rainbow watch strap, but an aluminium link, Apple Watch strap. I came across a purple link watch strap on Reddit months ago, fell in love and then was immensely disappointed it had sold out. I did spot the rainbow strap on the same website though, and immediately put it on my wish list.

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