A while ago I ordered a rainbow watch strap. Not just any rainbow watch strap, but an aluminium link, Apple Watch strap. I came across a purple link watch strap on Reddit months ago, fell in love and then was immensely disappointed it had sold out. I did spot the rainbow strap on the same website though, and immediately put it on my wish list.

Since then the rainbow strap has been in the back of my mind - I dislike buckles on watches, which is why I never tried to get the Apple Pride strap despite loving the idea and colour combination. Similarly, I've never owned a link strap for my Apple Watch. My wrists are small, so unless the strap comes with an adjuster tool, it often ends up being comically large. Juuk ships all of their watch straps with an adjuster tool, and the video guides for adjustment didn't look too hard to follow either - I decided to give it a whirl.

I paid for fast shipping, and shipping was fast. I ordered May 1st; it was delivered May 5th. Of course, postage depends a lot on the postal services are involved and handover time - but it's safe to say I'm impressed. The watch was in an envelope, in a box - in a box. Good packaging so you could give the strap as a gift, and the recipient would be delighted.

https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/outer-box.jpg? "Outer box, brown cardboard")
https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/inner-box.jpg? "Inner box, white with a picture of the strap on it and the Juuk logo at the top")
https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/strap-in-box.jpg? "The strap in the box, in grey foam. There's a silver bar at the top and more foam above that.")
Inside the box in a box, was the watch strap. Nicely presented in specially cut out foam. I didn't realise to start with the metal bar at the top is the adjustment tool - with its own piece of foam on it to prevent you hurting yourself. The way it is laid out makes it look high quality - and it is too.

The strap itself has some heft to it - and you would expect it to. But being aluminium rather than steel it's not that heavy, making it comfortable to wear all day. Every link is a different colour graduating through the rainbow from the watch face on both sides, and it is designed so that one side has one more link than the other - to make it easier for you to put on and take off I presume, the idea being the shorter side brings the butterfly closure closer to the inside of your wrist. An extra nice touch is the last link above the closure has Juuk engraved into it, it't not highlighted in any colour and if you weren't looking for it you might miss it. I dislike wearing advertisements for brands unwillingly - but should I forget where I purchased this band (unlikely) I will still be able to see it and let people know.

https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/adjustment-tool.jpg?" alt="The adjustment tool, a aluminium bar, with three points of varying heights to allow you to pop out the pins">

Adjusting the watch strap was as easy as the video says. Make sure you don't put your fingers on the top of the pin you're trying to pop out, and I would personally have a small tray (such as the lid from a tube of Pringles) ready to put the pin and pin casings in. Unless you do this sort of thing regularly or have another strap to compare to for length you're going to have to adjust this with trial and error. I thought I had it adjusted perfectly, only to decide 20 minutes later that an extra link would be preferable - so keep the adjustment tool handy. There are extra

This is the first link strap I've bought that I can wear (I haven't managed to get the other one linked above adjusted yet), and it takes some getting used to. Putting it on the watch requires a little more coordination than I'm used to, as Milanese and sport loops are floppy and flexible, and the sport bands are of course two pieces - that's not a criticism of this band though, I went to the Apple Store to play and all the link straps are like that. I have found it's easiest to put both sides on at the same time now.

https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/all-the-links-too-big.jpg? "The strap as it arrived, with all the links and much too big")
https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/juuk-rainbow-watch-strap/removed-links-just-right.jpg? "After removing the links the strap fits very well")

I love this strap, it's fun, comfortable, nice quality, and easy to wear. It's not cheap, but it's much cheaper than the Apple ones. For people not into rainbow they also have a variety of solid colours, and even ones with a raised stripe/bar down the middle that remind me of racing cars. Some straps are available on Amazon, but the Juuk website has the full range and excellent customer service should you have any questions.