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Workflow: Upload Blog Post via SSH

I use Grav as my blog CMS, it's powerful and customisable, and it lets me upload blog posts via (S)FTP. The catch? My previous system for blogging involved using Transmit and Workflow - and sadly Transmit for iOS is no more. (You may be wondering why I'm only changing my system now, instead of back in January when Panic stopped working on Transmit for iOS. It's simple, it was still supported in Workflow, sadly it is no longer supported in Shortcuts.)

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Fusion 18: September is Coming

This week I was on the Relay FM member's only podcast: Fusion. Stephen, Mikah and I talked about what we might get at the September Apple event, and keyboards - because it's always about the keyboards!

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OmniFocus 3 for Mac Sneak Peek

I am once again lucky enough to be in the early preview for OmniFocus 3 - this time on the Mac! What's important to keep in mind here is that this is a beta, and an early one at that - things can and likely will change between me writing this post and OmniFocus 3 for Mac being released - they may have already changed by the time you read this post!

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