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Fusion 18: September is Coming

This week I was on the Relay FM member's only podcast: Fusion. Stephen, Mikah and I talked about what we might get at the September Apple event, and keyboards - because it's always about the keyboards!

OmniFocus 3 for Mac Sneak Peek

I am once again lucky enough to be in the early preview for OmniFocus 3 - this time on the Mac! What's important to keep in mind here is that this is a beta, and an early one at that - things can and likely will change between me writing this post and OmniFocus 3 for Mac being released - they may have already changed by the time you read this post!

Workflow: Markdown To Nice PDF

Every so often I want to make a nice PDF from some text which is currently formatted in Markdown and I often do this by sharing the text to Workflow. Unfortunately by default when you make rich text from markdown in Workflow you end up with something like this: