Workflow: Add Task & Sub Tasks To OmniFocus

One thing I frequently do in OmniFocus is to add an action group, that is a task with a series of sub tasks. Action groups are flexible because they can be turned into projects if necessary, or be a series of tasks within a project.

The Workflow works by asking you for the main task, then it asks for the sub tasks. Each sub task is indented (and has a dash added in front of the name to make it TaskPaper friendly), and then the whole lot is put into my OmniFocus inbox.

Exact Workflow Steps:

  • Ask for Input: This is the main task.
  • Text: Add a dash before it – which in TaskPaper makes it a task not a project.
  • Add to VariableTask List
  • Ask for Input: Ask for the sub tasks.
  • Split Text: Turn this into a repeatable item
  • Repeat with Each – go through the sub tasks.
    • Text: Add the tab indent and the dash before each task.
    • Add to VariableTask List
  • Get VariableTask List. This makes sure we get the main task too, the output of the repeat loop would just be the sub tasks.
  •  Combine Text: Put the action group together.
  • Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus: Everything goes into my OmniFocus inbox.

You can get the workflow here: Add Task & Sub Tasks To OmniFocus.

2 thoughts on “Workflow: Add Task & Sub Tasks To OmniFocus

Thanks for this article. I’m trying to create a Siri Shortcut that will allow me to input a nested subtask in an already existing task (that’s already in an existing project). Does anyone have any tips on how to alter the above post to make that happen? Thank you.

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