One thing I frequently do in OmniFocus is to add an action group, that is a task with a series of sub tasks. Action groups are flexible because they can be turned into projects if necessary, or be a series of tasks within a project.

The Workflow works by asking you for the main task, then it asks for the sub tasks. Each sub task is indented (and has a dash added in front of the name to make it TaskPaper friendly), and then the whole lot is put into my OmniFocus inbox.

Exact Workflow Steps:

  • Ask for Input: This is the main task.
  • Text: Add a dash before it - which in TaskPaper makes it a task not a project.
  • Add to Variable - Task List
  • Ask for Input: Ask for the sub tasks.
  • Split Text: Turn this into a repeatable item
  • Repeat with Each - go through the sub tasks.
    • Text: Add the tab indent and the dash before each task.
    • Add to Variable - Task List
  • Get Variable - Task List. This makes sure we get the main task too, the output of the repeat loop would just be the sub tasks.
  •  Combine Text: Put the action group together.
  • Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus: Everything goes into my OmniFocus inbox.

You can get the workflow here: Add Task & Sub Tasks To OmniFocus.