This week on Automators I turned into a robot! Just kidding, but David and I took a deep dive into how I do a lot of the nerdy things I’m up to every day.

As well as diving into a whole bunch of geeky awesomeness, we also launched Automators Max which is part of the Relay FM membership program. As well as ad free episodes of Automators and a members only after show (this time it’s about me hacking some door sensors), you’ll also get access to the Relay FM member’s only Discord server, access to Crossover with member’s only Relay FM special episodes, exclusive wallpapers, and more.

One of the things I mentioned was Home Assistant which I’ve really been getting into. The automations are a lot more powerful than those available in HomeKit—for example, I can finally turn my heating off if my door has been open for a minute or longer (with the door being open for a minute as the trigger), instead of checking a few times over the span of the minute if the door is open and then turning it off.

I’ve talked David into ordering Home Assistant Yellow and plan to drag him down that rabbit hole and give this a whirl once that arrives! In the mean time though, if you’re curious, I’ve started putting up my Home Assistant Configuration on GitHub. There’s no documentation (yet!), but you can see some of what I’m doing!