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Automators 35: Automating Business with Don McAllister

In the latest episode of Automators David and I got a chance to talk to Don McAllister about the systems and processes he has built over the years to automate ScreenCastsOnline. As a recent addition to their team, it was a fun look behind that side of the curtain, and I hope the system and processes Don has in place will inspire you!

Mu Two: Skinny USB C Charger

I’ve talked about my Mu One charger on a few podcasts so I was excited today to see they’re launching the Mu Two on Kickstarter. I’ve backed it because a two port USB C charger with switchable heads deserves a place in my travel tech line up!

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Automators 34: Getting Cozy with Regular Expressions

When David first talked about doing a show on Regular Expressions I confess I was a little nervous, how do you explain something so text based in audio? Well, it turns out that with a lot of determination and research you can - and hopefully you won't confuse everyone on the way!

ScreenCasts ONLINE: iOS 13 Deeper Dive

I'm very excited to be joining the ScreenCasts ONLINE team! My first short is a deeper dive into iOS 13, Don did an overview earlier this month when iOS 13 was released - and now iPadOS is out it seemed like a great opportunity to dive further into some of those new features.

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Automators 33: Packing List Extravaganza in Drafts

It's no secret that I love to travel - and I also love to be organized! Making a packing list is great fun, until you forget something so in this episode of Automators David and I decided to find as many ways as we could to solve the problem of creating a packing list. Naturally our techniques overlapped in a few places, but we still came up with a variety of solutions - which you can use to solve other problems too.

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Nested Folders 6: Is It Worth Automating?

As many people know, automation is a topic near and dear to my heart - therefore I often think about automating something before I really know what that something is! Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Really it depends on the circumstance - so Scotty and I talked about it!