Apple Keynote: September 2018

I, like many of you I’m sure, watched last night’s Keynote waiting to see what new products Apple will sell me. I went into the event thinking I wanted a new Apple Watch and that I wouldn’t upgrade my 256GB iPhone X, and thankfully for my bank account came out of the event the same!

The Apple Watch has several new features will encourage members of my family to upgrade as well as myself. I bought my grandmother an Apple Watch after she had a nasty fall a few years ago and shattered her hip – my thinking was the SOS function would be useful for her, but now I would very much appreciate it if she had the automatic fall detection too. The low heart rate detection and ECG feature will be very handy for my father has there are hereditary heart problems in his family, plus he complains that the screen is too small so more screen will definitely go down well there. I’m very pleased that all the watch bands I’ve collected so far will continue to fit as well – I do like to co-ordinate the straps with my outfit!

The iPhone updates look pretty nice too, though I’m most intrigued by the NFC update which will allow apps to be triggered through NFC – as Tim Chaten said to me on Twitter this seems like it could be a big win for automation:

Automators 3: Sal Soghoian uses AppleScript to turn a Numbers Sheet into a Keynote Chart

In the third episode of Automators we are joined by Sal Soghoian, AppleScript God, to learn about AppleScript and how to use it!

While David and I usually take it in turns to write up everything about the show and provide complete documentation, Sal’s actually done that for this week:

You can find the scripts, videos, and a complete breakdown of everything over at macOSautomation, along with all of Sal’s other things.

In this show Sal gave us 3 AppleScripts. The first takes a whole table, and converts it into a bar chart in Keynote, the second takes a row or column and makes a pie chart, and the final one takes selected rows and turns them into a chart.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Widget A $1212 $1495 $1170 $1423
Widget B $1902 $2345 $1835 $2121
Widget C $2636 $3250 $2542 $3168

The brilliance of this, is the first script is just 17 lines – that’s it!

You can listen to the episode over on Relay FM. And make sure to use the code in the show if you want to attend CMD-D Down Home Scripting Bootcamp!