A workflow I frequently run to help me remember tasks is my Trigger List workflow. For those of you not familiar with them, trigger lists are essentially prompts you use to help you remember things you may have forgotten.

This workflow is very simple, it has a list of items at the top, goes through each item and asks you what's on your mind regarding it. Then it takes all of these items and puts them in your OmniFocus Inbox.

I've uploaded two "flavours" of this Workflow, one where the trigger word is noted after the task in brackets, and the other where the trigger word becomes the parent task of an action group, with your triggered tasks inside of it.

Trigger word in brackets

Action groups with the trigger word as the parent task

If you need some inspiration for your trigger list the official GTD Trigger Lists are a great place to start - and there are trigger list examples all over the internet.

One enhancement you might make is to have more than one of these workflows - one at home, and one at work. You could also trigger the Workflow to run at a specific time with Launch Center Pro - I do this as it's one of my tasks which kicks off my weekly review. Here's the Launch Center Pro action.