I showed how I handle my API keys in the YouTube video I made to accompany the episode: https://youtu.be/-4HSATi6abU

I save it as a file!

A Month In Slovenia

A few months ago, one of my podcaster comrades from The Incomparable, Anže Tomić, posted a link to a YouTube video that completely captivated me… which was surprising because the video featured people in Slovenia speaking Slovene. But once I started, I found that it was weirdly entertaining to w…

Se vidiva kmalu! (If google translate didn’t fail me that means see you soon!)

I booked my train tickets just the other day!

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Is there an easy way to have Micro.blog cross post to a WordPress site? Right now, I have it the other way around (posting to WordPress and having M.B pull my posts in). Ultimately, I want my posts to appear on my hosted M.B blog as well as my WordPress site. I feel like I’m making this more complic…

If you install the MicroPub plug-in for WordPress you can post directly to WordPress from Micro.Blog, does that help?

However the sites are two separate entities. What’s the goal with the cross posting?