As well as the work here, I’ve developed multiple applications and created documentation for a variety of applications and services which I am unable to share as they’re not in the public domain. Here are some examples of the work I can share:

Rosemary Orchard is the author and maintainer of this site. She develops web-based software for the Technische Universität Wien, writes for The Sweet Setup, co-hosts Automators, iOS Today and Nested Folders podcasts, and produces content for ScreenCastsOnline.


I really enjoyed

Over the past several years I have had many opportunities to write in different styles for varying audiences. Working at MacStories allowed me to do deep “nerdy” dives into specific applications and features including:

On The Sweet Setup the focus has evolved from quick tips in 250 words or fewer on how to use specific features to more productivity and workflow focused articles about my personal experience and how the audience can learn from this to better themselves.

A book is an altogether larger endeavour, and I was fortunate to be able to write my first with a friend. While we had no formal style guide or editing process, we created this as we outlined, drafted, and wrote. After this, I approached Take Control and wrote a book about Shortcuts for them. Working within a formal style guide and editing process was a challenge that I enjoyed. While some things were more difficult than others (writing in American English), I greatly enjoyed the process and found the structure helped to improve my writing.


Build Your OmniFocus Workflow Book Cover
Take Control of Shortcuts


Automators Show Art
iOS Today Show Art
Nested Folders Show Art

I began podcasting as an outlet for a hobby I love, automation. Over the years, that’s expanded beyond sharing my passion to teaching people about various things, answering support questions, and more. The challenge with this is always trying to find the right balance between enough description for the audience to follow along, and a fast enough pace to hold their interest. I am fortunate enough to work with wonderful co-hosts which allows us to do this more easily by asking each other questions, and with our advanced planning and preparation, this has become second nature.


Creating videos is a unique task. It involves all the skills I learn writing and podcasting, and more. The process starts the same way, with an idea, and an outline, and a draft or rather a dummy video. The process is much more similar to documentation in many ways though, while creating the outline it’s important to think of what other people might do and for that I try to keep three different images in my head, one of a non-technical user, one of a relatively techy person, and the final one is a super nerd. This gives me a way to look at every section of the video and see what I might have missed that they would want, need, or expect to see included.

  • Tutorial Video: NetNewsWire (ScreenCastsOnline, 2020-04-17)
  • Short Tutorial Video: Maps in Big Sur (ScreenCastsOnline, 2021-01-19)

You can contact Rosemary at contact@rosemaryorchard.com