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Automators 33: Packing List Extravaganza in Drafts

It’s no secret that I love to travel - and I also love to be organized! Making a packing list is great fun, until you forget something so in this episode of Automators David and I decided to find as many ways as we could to solve the problem of creating a packing list. Naturally our techniques overlapped in a few places, but we still came up with a variety of solutions - which you can use to solve other problems too.

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Nested Folders 5: How We Weekly Review

In episode 5 of Nested Folders Scotty and I dived into our weekly review routines. It was also good to review traps we’ve both previously fallen into with our reviews - I’ve been considering making a printed list of how I do my weekly review and if I do so I’m also going to make a list of “not to do” on it - as a reminder of those lessons that I’ve learned over the years!

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