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Omnifocus 3 Sneak Peak


I’m fortunate enough to have been let into the very early OmniFocus 3 Beta. The app isn’t finished yet, but here are some of the features which you might enjoy. To make things clear, I have the dark theme on OF3, and the light theme in OF2 - and I’ve tried to do screenshots to let you compare the two easily.

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Tile: Finding the Things I Lose

I am a forgetful person, not necessarily disorganised, but forgetful. And the more I have to do the more forgetful I tend to be - which results in things like misplaced keys, purses, ID cards - and naturally at the most inconvenient of moments. I heard about Tile a long time ago, but the thought of not being able to replace the battery or recharge the device seemed wasteful.

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Apple Store Opening, Vienna

00&classes=image-right “Apple Store Vienna, Grand Opening”) The first Apple Store in Austria opened today, and it happened to be the 501st Apple Store. I attended the opening and was lucky enough not to be too far back in the line - lots of people seem to have arrived before midnight, including one man from China who arrived at 2pm the day before! At it was cold I only got there at 7am.

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Good Morning Computer

A while ago in the Mac Power Users Facebook Group I was challenged to make a Workflow which would tell the user about their upcoming day. When it runs Workflow will say something like this:

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Creating My Own Raspberry Pi HomeKit Controlled Light

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W mood light kit on Pimoroni. I’ve been looking for a project to practice my python and thought playing with lights would be fun. After assembling said light (I recommend the solderless set by the way, unless you really like soldering) and playing with it, I wanted to control it along with the Philips Hue lights which are around my desk - via HomeKit.

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