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Siri Watch Face

Apple Watch Face showing a homekit scene and a calendar entry The Siri Watch face has been an unexpected gem for me - it is limited but still very useful. One thing many people miss is that you can customise the data sources for the watch face - so if you don't want to see reminders to breathe, or the stocks then you don't need to.

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iOS App Review: Sidefari

Sidefari - Web browsing companion for Safari Sidefari is a small utility which has had a place on my iPad since shortly after it's release. It's a very simple browser which uses the Safari engine, and it's purpose is to allow you to view two different web pages at once. This feature has been built into iOS since Sidefari was released, but it still has it's place for me.

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Workflows for Project Planning With Trello and OmniFocus

Trello is a lovely service which offers Kanban boards for planning - and I often like to plan out projects there, especially ones that need to be done in multiple stages or have many areas of focus. OmniFocus is my task manager of choice though which means I need my tasks to end up in there to have any hope of accomplishing them. To this end I have created a few Workflow workflows to get the data out of Trello and into OmniFocus, they’re not very sophisticated - but they function very well.

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