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Review: Juuk Rainbow Watch Strap

A while ago I ordered a rainbow watch strap. Not just any rainbow watch strap, but an aluminium link, Apple Watch strap. I came across a purple link watch strap on Reddit months ago, fell in love and then was immensely disappointed it had sold out. I did spot the rainbow strap on the same website though, and immediately put it on my wish list.

Workflow as an OmniFocus Trigger List

A workflow I frequently run to help me remember tasks is my Trigger List workflow. For those of you not familiar with them, trigger lists are essentially prompts you use to help you remember things you may have forgotten.

Learn OmniFocus Workflows: Rose Orchard

This is a video where I demonstrate my workflow in OmniFocus 3 for iOS, as well as some Workflow workflows which I use to automate my system.

Workflow: Menus, Lists & Dictionaries

When should you use a list or a menu. What about a dictionary? If you're not a programmer and have had little experience with writing for computers in general then this can be a little overwhelming.