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Automators 2: Email Automation

Episode 2 of Automators is all about automating email. We all have email, and there are a lot of things you can do to automate it - from filters, to mail merges, and complete automation of sending emails.

Useful iMessage Apps

I was recently asked on Twitter which iMessage apps I use regularly, and thought it might well be worth a blog post - there are some really useful iMessage apps out there, but most people just seem to use stickers! (Not that stickers aren't great of course.)

Sonos and Airplay 2: First Impressions

I bought a Sonos One back when it was released late last year, and it quickly became something I used without thinking about it too much. I got a Spotify subscription and liked that I could just switch my stream from my headphones to the Sonos from the Spotify app - in contrast to Apple and Google Music services which required navigating the Sonos app. I prefer Apple Music though - being able to put my headphones on and just press play is a surprisingly powerful factor, so I switched away from Spotify and back to Apple Music.

Our first look at Shortcuts on iOS

I took a quick look at what's new in Shortcuts vs Workflow, and what we might see and give a few examples of how I'm using it.

How to Create OmniFocus Projects with Workflow

There are some projects that you just want to create a solid template of so you can use them again and again - this post gives you a few examples for how to execute that in Workflow.

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Automators 1: Automating Calendar Events

This week's episodes of The Automators is focused on calendar event creation. There are many ways you can automatically create calendar events, and it's useful to be able to do so, to avoid losing information. You can also use calendar events as a trigger to do something - which we cover towards the end. Below there are details of all the automations we cover, including 4 (really, four!) screencasts.

Shortcuts Beta now open!

Earlier today a few little birdies told me about the Shortcuts beta being open to sign up for if you have a developer account. If I hadn't already had one I might have been tempted to sign up for it just for this!