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Review: Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger

Everything is changing to USB C - great! But also, eek. That means it’s time for new chargers. Now, I’ll grant you, I’m a nerd and I love shopping for new chargers! But trying to find one I want, that charges the devices I want, which can be shipped to me (Austria uses Amazon Germany, and as many residents of Austria are aware, lots of things “Cannot be shipped to Austria” - for reasons unknown) is actually not that fun after 3 hours of trying to figure it all out.

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iOS Access Book Updated for iOS 12

Shelly Brisbin has been hard at work and updated iOS Access for All. It’s a book about accessibility on iOS - walking you through using all of the Apple features designed to assist people. Additionally there are reviews of hundreds of accessible iOS apps.

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Dual Sim iPhone XS Max Review - 3 Months On

When the iPhones were announced last year I had decided before the event that I wasn’t upgrading, and for a while after the event I held out - until I found out I could get a real dual sim iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong, which means no restrictions or modifications to iOS, and real dual sim capabilities. When it dropped in price a little I caved and flexed my credit card. (For the curious I found the iPhone on eBay from a UK seller - I picked the seller with the highest ratings and everything went smoothly.)

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