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Automators 14: Automated Journalling

Episode 14 of Automators is all about journalling - when David suggested the topic for this episode I jumped on it. I subscribed to Day One last year and have been trying to improve my usage of it, this episode forced me to go figure out some automations to make it easier - thankfully since recording I've been journalling more consistently than ever!

Dual Sim iPhone XS Max Review - 3 Months On

When the iPhones were announced last year I had decided before the event that I wasn't upgrading, and for a while after the event I held out - until I found out I could get a real dual sim iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong, which means no restrictions or modifications to iOS, and real dual sim capabilities. When it dropped in price a little I caved and flexed my credit card. (For the curious I found the iPhone on eBay from a UK seller - I picked the seller with the highest ratings and everything went smoothly.)

Announcement: Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Today I'm very excited to announce a book: Build Your OmniFocus Workflow. I've been hard at work on this for the last 3 months - but not alone. My fabulous co-author, Ryan Dotson, has been hard at work right along side me (admittedly with a timezone difference) - and we have 150 pages ready for you!

MacSparky Field Guide: Gift Wrapping

David's been at it again, yet another field guide! This one is all about gift wrapping - and it's free. I love wrapping presents and will be referencing this when I start wrapping next weekend!

iPad 11" First Impressions

My iPad Pro 11" with Smart Keyboard folio and Apple Pencil arrived just before 10am on Wednesday (earlier than I could have got it at the Apple Store) and I've been putting it through its paces ever since.