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How I Use Drafts on iPhone, macOS, and Apple Watch

Lots of people ask me how and why I use Drafts, and the answer, in a nutshell, is I use it for almost everything because it works very well for me. Over on The Sweet Setup I went into detail on how I use Drafts on the Mac.

Review: Anker USB C to Lightning Cable

Anker recently released a USB C to lightning cable, and while there are dozens of USB A to lightning cables out there, USB C cables which are approved for iPhone are new.

Supercomputer 27: Into the Weeds

This week I got to join Alex Cox and Matthew Cassinelli on Supercomputer where we got into the weeds of automation, especially on how I use Drafts. We also looked at using AirTable and Zapier and some of the many possibilities available to us with these amazing tools.

Event: Automators Meet Up at WWDC

As well as a meet up before WWDC in Orange County, David and I are hosting a meetup at WWDC - Tuesday lunchtime to be specific! We don't have the precise location nailed down yet (we'd like to meet outside) so make sure to keep an eye out for updates on this event! As well as David and myself, Alex Cox and Matthew Cassinelli of Supercomputer, and Simon Støvring developer of Scriptable will be there! If you're around we'd love to meet you and say hello.

Event: Automators Meet Up Orange County

David and I are hosting a meet up in Orange County, California before we head up to WWDC - the exact date, time, and location are yet to be determined, but it will be on either Friday May 31st, or Saturday June 1st. We hope to see many people there!