OmniFocus Workshop

  • If you have attended my workshop on OmniFocus then I hope the following resources will be useful to you!

Inside OmniFocus – this blog is run by OmniGroup and showcases workflows in OmniFocus across the three platforms, you’ll also find two articles by me:

Learn OmniFocus – a great resource created by the lovely Tim Stringer. As well as many workflow videos there are also dives into how to use other applications with OmniFocus, as well videos on how to manage specific areas of your life with OmniFocus. I have created several videos for Tim:

Guided MindDump Shortcut – This Shortcut for iOS prompts you for triggers you have set up to help you remember tasks to add to your OmniFocus. I find this makes it much easier for me to capture those tasks that I might otherwise forget.

Build Your OmniFocus Workflow – This is the book I wrote with the wonderful Ryan Dobson on creating a setup in OmniFocus that works for you.