Nested Folders 9: Professional and Personal

How many hats do you have? Probably lots! We all have different views of areas of our lives and keeping these both separate and merged is the challenge we tackled in this week’s episode!

A special thanks goes to J.F. Brissette and JFB Media Solutions for his audio expertise!

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Nested Folders 7: How to Do Productivity With Others (Who May or May Not)

Working with other people can be a challenge, and not everyone likes to wave their productivity system around so we often don’t know how they get things done! In this episode Scotty and I talked about how to work with others – whether or not we have a productivity system, how we can learn from them, and what to do to make sure the work gets done.

How to Do Productivity With Others (Who May or May Not)

Nested Folders 5: How We Weekly Review

In episode 5 of Nested Folders Scotty and I dived into our weekly review routines. It was also good to review traps we’ve both previously fallen into with our reviews – I’ve been considering making a printed list of how I do my weekly review and if I do so I’m also going to make a list of “not to do” on it – as a reminder of those lessons that I’ve learned over the years!

Nested Folders episode 5: How We Weekly Review.