I came home from work, went to the supermarket, came back from the supermarket… only to realise I have my UK keys with me not my Austrian ones! So I’m standing outside with a heavy bag of shopping waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work 🤦‍♀️

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@smokey Theoretically I could have gone to get the key from my boyfriend, and I could have gone to work. However both of them are about half an hour away, and my boyfriend could leave in just under that resulting in getting into the apartment faster. Though I don’t have spare keys at work, these are “special” keys and getting them cut is a nightmare!

@smokey @macgenie @rosemaryorchard – This kind of confusion is why I don’t have separate sets of keys. I know myself well enough to know that if I had two sets of keys to worry about I would 100% get them mixed up or lose one of them on a regular basis. My friends make fun of me for having so many things on my key rings but I know if I don’t just carry them all together with me all the time I’d be in trouble. A lot.

@rosemaryorchard Good that you had options—especially one that didn’t involve you lugging groceries across town 🙂

(One of our buildings has “special” keys, too, and the locksmith always charges my dad about 4x the price of a regular key when he needs to get a new one made!)

@DrOct I used to carry just one set, but as I kept getting more and more keys, I could never find the one I was looking for, so I had to switch to two sets, with the work set being 2 connected rings to help out some with the “finding the right key” part. My dad has about 4 sets, and he often is without the set he needs, so I can see the argument for/appeal of a single set (on the other hand, when he loses a set—always temporarily, thankfully—he only loses 1 of 4, so that’s the other trade-off 😉 ). // @macgenie @rosemaryorchard

@smokey All of these things make sense, I have several rings on my set to separate keys for different purposes, but there could come a point where it’d be too much. Luckily I rarely lose my keys (in part because I jus thave the one set and it’s always in the same pocket and never goes anywhere other than that pocket).

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