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My theme for my talks at MacStock 2019 was “Sirify Your Life”, in my main talk I covered how we can train Siri and directly add “simple” Shortcuts – like checking for upcoming packages in Deliveries, or finding your keys with Tile. By far the most popular tip I shared though was the ability to turn on type to Siri, while this is an accessibility setting it’s also great for those of us who are doing things like last minute preparation about a presentation on Siri whilst on a plane! And everyone who prefers to type rather than talk as well. Lots of people were really interested by the endless dictation feature in Drafts too.

In my deeper dive I went into building Shortcuts – truly making Siri do what you want! I built three Shortcuts:

Directions to Event

This is something almost everyone can use, getting your next event with an address and plotting directions to it – messaging someone to let them know how long it will take you to get there, and finally starting your favourite playlist.


Forgotten Groceries

The next Shortcut I demoed building was one to help you avoid forgetting things at the grocery store – I frequently forget to buy chocolate and cookies (two vital parts of my diet!) and this is a Shortcut which is easy to modify and use – meaning you won’t forget the commonly purchased items at the store!

Please note, the Reminders list here should be replaced with a “Grocery” or “Shopping” list.

Daily Log

The final Shortcut was much more in line with the year’s theme: Create. One of the many things people aspire to do, myself included, is journal. Journalling can be hard though so I showed how you can start by automating it!
Please note, the Reminders list here should be replaced with a “Goals” list.


You can still purchase the MacStock 2019 Digital Pass, the videos aren’t available yet but should hopefully be up soon!

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