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@macgenie @jamescousins @bbech I’m way behind on OmniFocus too. I took a detour into bullet journalling which I like, but it took me a while to figure out how this might fit with OF.
Here’s what I’m thinking for now. I’m going to trim OF down based on what @rosemaryorchard was doing with git for off…

The external keyboard is crucial for me, without it I think I’d hardly use my iPad.

That combination sounds good to me, I like the sound of the bullet journal to accompany you throughout the day – though whenever I’ve tried it I’ve ended up with a lot of capture to process back into OF which feels like a chore!

Unfortunately I dislike apps in my dock changing on me, so I prefer not to have recents on. And that’s still more steps than it was previously! Grr.

I showed how I handle my API keys in the YouTube video I made to accompany the episode:

I save it as a file!

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A few months ago, one of my podcaster comrades from The Incomparable, Anže Tomić, posted a link to a YouTube video that completely captivated me… which was surprising because the video featured people in Slovenia speaking Slovene. But once I started, I found that it was weirdly entertaining to w…

Se vidiva kmalu! (If google translate didn’t fail me that means see you soon!)

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Is there an easy way to have cross post to a WordPress site? Right now, I have it the other way around (posting to WordPress and having M.B pull my posts in). Ultimately, I want my posts to appear on my hosted M.B blog as well as my WordPress site. I feel like I’m making this more complic…

If you install the MicroPub plug-in for WordPress you can post directly to WordPress from Micro.Blog, does that help?

However the sites are two separate entities. What’s the goal with the cross posting?

I misread, the photo will always go first, because anything in the message box is text only. If you want to send the photos after the text you need to use separate actions.

Ouch! I’m fortunate enough to have never have had a migraine, though I’m grabbing every piece of wood in grabbing distance right now. I’m glad you had late checkout!

Hopefully you can find the trigger.

‪@brandontoner‬ Which automation are you referring to? Several of the automations he mentioned on the show, linked in the show notes, are multi-app so you just need to enable the step for the right app 🙂

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Later this week on Saturday, April 20, MacStories will turn 10 years old. It was Monday, April 20, 2009 when, fresh out of a job from which I had gotten fired, I decided to publish the first official post on my self-hosted blog after a few weeks of running a free website. I was […]

Congratulations to MacStories!

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We’re very fortunate at MacStories to have a terrific group of loyal readers. As MacStories turns 10 and has become known not just for the site, but also Club MacStories and AppStories, it felt like the perfect time to celebrate with MacStories’ very first official merchandise, which is available from, a Cotton Bureau storefront […]

I think I need one of each of these!