Watching the prime minister speak live today (live stream), he doesn’t even know how many press briefings he’s done this week of this sort? I mean, I know there’s a lot going on, but one a day, and it’s Thursday… You don’t even need two hands to count that!

Automators 45: LaunchCuts, Feedback, and More!

In this week’s episode of Automators, David and I dove into our pile of feedback. As well as looking at Launchcuts, we also looked a how you can file feedback when things are broken on iOS (as some actions break in Shortcuts from time to time!), and reviewed our Streamdeck setup and more.

While recording the show I thought I’d found a way to generate URLs to specific views in Airtable through a formula, but it turns out I had links to a record – not what I wanted! So if you know of a way to generate a link to a view then let me know!

Automators 45: LaunchCuts, Feedback, and More!. Thanks to our sponsors for this week’s episode: Pingdom, ExpressVPN, and Kensington.