This is a collection of posts I have written, and podcasts I've guested on around on the internet.

Fantastical is my favourite calendar app on both macOS and iOS. I use the calendar groups on macOS multiple times a day to allow me to flip between different combinations of calendars with ease. Check out my quick tip on The Sweet Setup to find out how to do this yourself!

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Have you ever wanted to customise control center on your Apple Watch? Head over to the sweet setup to read my quick tip on how to do so!

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Last week when I visited Seattle I was able to visit OmniGroup HQ, aside from being awesome people who make great apps they also have a brilliant podcast which I was invited to be a guest on! Listen in to hear me chat with Brent (and Mark), about how I get things done, what I think about the optional OmniFocus subscription model, and more!

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This week I was lucky enough to be a guest on the podcast The Weekly Review with James Dempsey and Jean MacDonald. We talked about how I got into Getting Things Done, some productivity tips and tricks, and a little about Build Your OmniFocus Workflow.

It was great fun being a guest on the podcast - and I get to see both James and Jean next week at PodCon in Seattle!

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Here's how to set up and make the most of your Today screen on iOS!

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