Workflows for Project Planning With Trello and OmniFocus

Trello is a lovely service which offers Kanban boards for planning – and I often like to plan out projects there, especially ones that need to be done in multiple stages or have many areas of focus. OmniFocus is my task manager of choice though which means I need my tasks to end up in there to have any hope of accomplishing them. To this end I have created a few Workflow workflows to get the data out of Trello and into OmniFocus, they’re not very sophisticated – but they function very well.

Single Trello List to OmniFocus workflows-for-project-planning-with-trello-and-omnifocus/workflow-trello-list-to-omnifocus.png?cropResize=100 “Trello List To OmniFocus”){.image-right} Maybe you just have one list in Trello and you want to get the tasks and put them in OmniFocus. This workflow does exactly that.


You can get the workflow here: Trello List To OmniFocus

Multiple Trello Lists to OmniFocus workflows-for-project-planning-with-trello-and-omnifocus/workflow-multiple-trello-lists-to-omnifocus.png?cropResize=100 “Multiple Trello Lists To OmniFocus”){.image-right} If you have several lists on a board you want to get into OmniFocus then this Workflow will allow you to do that. It will create a task or action group for each list with sub tasks for each card in that list in Trello.


You can get the workflow here: Multiple Trello Lists To OmniFocus

Trello Board to OmniFocus workflows-for-project-planning-with-trello-and-omnifocus/workflow-trello-board-to-omnifocus-project.png?cropResize=100 “Trello Board To OmniFocus Project”){.image-right} If you have planned your whole project in Trello and want to move it over to OmniFocus then this Workflow will help you do so. It makes the whole board into one project, with each list becoming an action group and the cards becoming tasks inside of those.


You can get the workflow here: Trello Board To OmniFocus Project

These Workflows are very helpful to me – and get more use than I thought they would! I hope you find a use for them too.

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