Workflow: OmniFocus When Home

Jun 23

OmniFocus When Home I often add things to my OmniFocus as reminders of items to do when I get home - however they're not due when I get home, which would be the default if I added these icons through the Forecast view for today. As such as I have the following Workflow which allows me to defer items until I get home.


  • Ask for Input Ask for Input: The first thing I do is input one or several tasks which I would like to accomplish.
  • Split Text Split Text: Turn this block of text into a series of items.
  • Repeat with Each Repeat with Each
    • Change Case Change Case: Make the task sentence case.
    • Text Text: Flag the tasks and my preferred tags - Home, Afternoon, and Evening.
  • Combine Text Combine Text: Turn this list back into a block.
  • Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus.

You will want to tweak the tags added to the tasks, to suit your needs. You may also wish to remove the flag I add to these tasks. You can get the workflow here: OmniFocus When Home

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