Clear The Camera Roll Sometimes you take screenshots, lots of screenshots. And sometimes you use built in screen recording to capture what's happening on a device. You probably use these features even more frequently if you’re beta testing an app - and that’s how this Workflow came to be. Ryan mentioned in the OmniFocus Beta Slack that his camera roll was suffering with all the screenshots he’s been taking. Challenge accepted. This workflow will help you delete both screenshots and screencasts you’ve taken on your devices.


  • NumberNumber: Set this number to be the number of screenshots and screencasts you want to go through.
  • Get Latest ScreenshotsGet Latest Screenshots: This fetches the number of screenshots chosen above.
  • Choose from ListChoose from List: You select which screenshots you want to delete.
  • Delete PhotosDelete Photos: The photos are deleted.
  • Get Latest VideosGet Latest Videos: This gets X number of the most recent videos, X being the number right at the top of the Workflow.
  • Repeat with EachRepeat with Each: It checks every picture.
    • Get NameGet Name
    • IfIf: If the name of the photo contains "Screen"... (Screen recording videos are called something like ScreenRecording_04-04-2018 15-17-54.)
      • Get VariableGet Variable: Get the actual video, otherwise you just have the name.
      • Add to VariableAdd to Variable: Add the video to a variable called Screen Recordings.
    • IfElse: It’a not got "Screen" in the name
      • NothingNothing: We don’t want these videos to be included here.
  • Get VariableGet Variable: Get all those screen recordings.
  • Choose from ListChoose from List: Choose which screen recordings you want to delete.
  • Delete PhotosDelete Photos: Delete the screen recordings. We’re using this action rather than "Delete Files" because the Videos actions outputs a "photo like object".

You can get the workflow here: Clear The Camera Roll

Enjoy clearing your camera roll!