Ryan and I have been tweaking Build Your OmniFocus Workflow, mostly recently we have added a mobi download which means that you can easily read the book on your Kindle! Just send it to your Kindle email address, or connect your Kindle to your computer and copy the .mobi file over.

Also, as Ryan says on the blog:

The ePub has slightly improved chapter and section markers whilst the PDF has been rebuilt with a PDF table of contents.

What does this mean? For existing customers all of this can be downloaded in the downloads area on the blog (if you can't log in please use the contact form on the OmniFocus book website). For anyone considering purchasing the book: the launch sale ends January 11th, that's this Friday. After that the price will go up to $30.

Thank you to everyone who has sent such lovely feedback on the book!

As a note: we intend this book to "live", as such when OmniFocus gets new features it will be updated to cover those - and those will be free updates too.

You can get the book on the website: OmniFocusBook.com.