I bought a Sonos One back when it was released late last year, and it quickly became something I used without thinking about it too much. I got a Spotify subscription and liked that I could just switch my stream from my headphones to the Sonos from the Spotify app - in contrast to Apple and Google Music services which required navigating the Sonos app. I prefer Apple Music though - being able to put my headphones on and just press play is a surprisingly powerful factor, so I switched away from Spotify and back to Apple Music.

Airplay 2 has given me the ability to switch where the music is playing to easily once more though, I can switch from my AirPods to my Sonos, there's a very slight pause waiting for the stream to switch - but this is technology, not magic! You can use any app to play the audio elsewhere, though some apps need to update to support Airplay 2 and those are noticeable with a longer pause from when you press a music control button - but I'm confident we'll get an update for these apps.

I'm currently listening to podcasts on my Sonos and it's good - easy, no fiddling, just play and select the audio output. I have a feeling this might cause me to purchase a few more!