Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper A while ago Katie Floyd put out a call on Twitter looking for a replacement app which can overlay contact information onto your wallpaper for iOS. I thought "I bet you can do this with Workflow", and I was right! Here's how it works.


  • TextText: This contains your name.
  • TextText: This contains your phone number, advice: Don't use the number of your iPhone, use that of a trusted family member or friend, or your home phone if you have one.
  • TextText: HTML formatting of the above two items, your name is set to be smaller than the phone number as it's likely to be longer and not quite as important.
  • Make Rich Text from HTMLMake Rich Text from HTML: Now we make that HTML into rich Text - applying the formatting.
  • Make PDFMake PDF: Bear with me, PDFs are great!
  • Convert ImageConvert Image: PDFs can be converted to images - voila! We now have a white image with black text.
  • Crop ImageCrop Image: Let's make this approximately the same aspect ratio as an iPhone X screen.
  • Resize ImageResize Image: Shrink it down to be about the right size
  • Set VariableSet Variable: Make it easy to access in a moment.
  • Select PhotosSelect Photos: Choose your background.
  • Mask ImageMask Image: Here's the magic. The mask image action is like a very smart overlay, here it will make sure the text of your name and contact number shows up on the wallpaper, and nothing else.
  • Quick LookQuick Look: Check it for prettiness.
  • ShareShare: Save it where you want!

The original wallpaper, and the wallpaper with the contact information overlay

You can get the workflow here: Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper