Overlay Contact Information on Wallpaper

https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/overlay-contact-information-on-wallpaper/workflow-overlay-contact-information-on-wallpaper.png?cropResize=100 “Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper”){.image-right} A while ago [Katie Floyd]() put out a call on Twitter looking for a replacement app which can overlay contact information onto your wallpaper for iOS. I thought “I bet you can do this with Workflow”, and I was right! Here’s how it works.


https://resources.rosemaryorchard.com/images/blog/overlay-contact-information-on-wallpaper/example-before-after-iphone-wallpaper.png?cropResize=300 “The original wallpaper, and the wallpaper with the contact information overlay”)

You can get the workflow here: Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper

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