Overlay Contact Information on Wallpaper

Apr 29

Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper A while ago Katie Floyd put out a call on Twitter looking for a replacement app which can overlay contact information onto your wallpaper for iOS. I thought "I bet you can do this with Workflow", and I was right! Here's how it works.


  • Text Text: This contains your name.
  • Text Text: This contains your phone number, advice: Don't use the number of your iPhone, use that of a trusted family member or friend, or your home phone if you have one.
  • Text Text: HTML formatting of the above two items, your name is set to be smaller than the phone number as it's likely to be longer and not quite as important.
  • Make Rich Text from HTML Make Rich Text from HTML: Now we make that HTML into rich Text - applying the formatting.
  • Make PDF Make PDF: Bear with me, PDFs are great!
  • Convert Image Convert Image: PDFs can be converted to images - voila! We now have a white image with black text.
  • Crop Image Crop Image: Let's make this approximately the same aspect ratio as an iPhone X screen.
  • Resize Image Resize Image: Shrink it down to be about the right size
  • Set Variable Set Variable: Make it easy to access in a moment.
  • Select Photos Select Photos: Choose your background.
  • Mask Image Mask Image: Here's the magic. The mask image action is like a very smart overlay, here it will make sure the text of your name and contact number shows up on the wallpaper, and nothing else.
  • Quick Look Quick Look: Check it for prettiness.
  • Share Share: Save it where you want!

The original wallpaper, and the wallpaper with the contact information overlay

You can get the workflow here: Overlay Contact Information On Wallpaper

If, like Stephen in the comments you want to put the contact information in the vertical middle of your wallpaper then this Workflow will do the trick.


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