I've been asked several times if I have a podcast of my own, or a podcast about automation, and today I'm very excited to announce both: I'm launching a podcast with David Sparks on Relay FM called Automators.

We plan for every episode to be approximately 30-45 minutes in length, and will release them every two weeks. Every episode will be accompanied by a blog post either on my blog or on David's where we provide all of the automations in the episode ready for download. The episodes will be released every two weeks on Fridays, which means you have the weekend ahead of you if you want to take our examples and go crazy!

This podcast is for everyone, you don't need to be a super nerd or a programmer - we are giving you the finished automations directly so you can just use them. You simply need some imagination (to think of things to automate), and a willingness to try things.

If you want an RSS feed of the blog posts which will accompany the episodes, you can find it via Automators.fm - these will link straight to David's blog post or my blog post, but is ideal for automation! We also have a YouTube Channel and a forum, where you can see any screencasts we make, and discuss every episode.

We created an episode 0 where we tell about the podcast, and David and I got a little carried away and made a Memoji version which you can actually watch!

I hope you'll subscribe to the feed, and that you enjoy the first episode which is coming on Friday!

Here are links to the podcast in some popular podcast players: