Automation Orchard Logo I've been working on a project for a while - a place to find all of the automation content for Mac, iOS, Web and even your home, and it's finally ready!

Automation Orchard is where I've collected every article, podcast and even video I've found regarding any automation topic related to Apple, from Workflow to IFTTT, and Automator to AppleScript. It doesn't have everything - yet, but it has a lot. So if you were trying to find a Workflow workflow to work with Trello, you could search and find a lot of options. All of this content links back to the original website. "Automation Orchard")

There's also a forum, this is split up into sections: "Automation Orchard Forums")

Why? I love to automate, I love to help people automate. The website has become my Wikipedia - if I want to find a DEVONThink Workflow then I know where to search, and I know I'll probably find helpful related content too.

The forum only has a few posts in it right now - started by me. I hope to see many of you there, asking questions, sharing your automations, and discussing why we automate!

My personal posts will still appear here - Automation Orchard is to collect content from around the web, including from here! There will be some blog posts there too - predominantly about the why of automation, you can check out the first post here.

P.S. Yes, the name is a play on my name and the focus on Apple!