Something I’ve been hoping for for a long time is the ability to get a (sharing) link to my Shortcuts with Shortcuts – and with the latest developer beta of iOS and iPadOS (beta 2) it can be done!

Shortcuts actions

Thankfully this is fairly simple to do, there are just 6 actions required to get a list of all your Shortcuts as Markdown links:

  • Get my shortcuts
  • Repeat with each item in My Shortcuts
    • Get link to Repeat Item
    • Text: [Name][Link to File]
  • Combine Repeat Results with New Lines
  • Share Combined Text.

There is one caveat to this: Unfortunately you need to confirm getting the link to each Shortcuts from a prompt which appears.

Download the Shortcut: Get Shortcuts as Links

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and watch Netflix and tap the same prompt 900+ times.

Update! I’ve been experimenting and there’s also a way to just tap “Create Links” once: Get Markdown Links to Shortcuts – you get the links first and then iterate through them grabbing the names of the associated Shortcuts. As long as the order of the Shortcuts remains constant this is a much more user friendly workaround.

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