iOS App Review: Sidefari

Apr 25

Sidefari - Web browsing companion for Safari Sidefari is a small utility which has had a place on my iPad since shortly after it's release. It's a very simple browser which uses the Safari engine, and it's purpose is to allow you to view two different web pages at once. This feature has been built into iOS since Sidefari was released, but it still has it's place for me.

Sidefari wins over the built in Safari split screen for me in two ways: I am not required to have 50/50 split of the two web pages, and I can take one of those apps to a different space entirely if I wish to do so. This really helps me to work effectively on iOS. You can also use Sidefari as a browser with no tabs - useful if you are trying to avoid being sucked down a rabbit hole.

Sidefari - Web browsing companion for Safari is available for free on the App Store.

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