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  1. I purchased my Xs max from Hong Kong right when the unit was released. Paid extra but agree it’s a very solid phone. I use a a t-mobile and an att sim in mine. Between the two carriers I always have a strong signal. Switching data between carriers if necessary. I’ve used it in South America with no issues. Planning on using it in UK and Europe next month. offers international sims. In my humble opinion they are the best. Not the cheapest but the best. Their customer service is amazing and their sims work pretty much anywhere. Their Universal Sim runs on 4g LTE which makes a difference in Europe. Apple really should market this true dual sim phone with a USA model. If Samsung brings a Galaxy s10 dual sim version, Apple will lose more market share. I love Apple but Samsung really knows how to innovate. Apple is best at imitating. Sad but true.

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