There are lots of wonderful communities out there on the internet, and I’m fortunate enough to be a part of some of them! I’ve seen several people recently asking for recommendations of forums to visit and thought I’d put together a list of the ones I visit:

  • Automators - Yes, the podcast I host with David Sparks has its own forum! There are lots of wonderful people who hang out there sharing automation goodness, and we also host the Scriptable forum inside it too.
  • Mac Power Users - A great podcast, and another forum of awesome people (just like all the others on this list). From tech support to Star Wars there’s plenty to talk about - and the forum for Focused is here too.
  • Bookworm - Another excellent podcast, I love looking through this forum for book recommendations (and summaries of the key points people got from them).
  • The Productivity Guild - This is a great place to talk about the productivity things many of us love and often struggle with.
  • Drafts - I’m constantly stealing script ideas from people here to use in my own Drafts installs.
  • OmniGroup - I confess to primarily being in the OmniFocus area of this forum, and it’s always interesting to see how other people are using this task management software.
  • DevonTechnologies - DevonThink can be used in so many ways that every time I open the forum I come up with new ideas to make even more out of the software.
  • AirTable - I’m still learning how to use AirTable to the max and this place has lots of suggestions.
  • Agenda - I use Agenda for my notes at work and it’s great seeing how other users set it up for themselves.

On a side note, some of you may be thinking of Discord - a chat system, Discourse is forum hosting software - they have similar names and both can host communities but that’s where the similarities end!