Automators 7: Feedback Time!

Sep 28

Automators Artwork Episode 7 of Automators is our very first feedback show. This episode doesn't have any specific automations to share - but it does contain a lot of ideas!

David and I are both thrilled that the podcast is being well received, and the forum has definitely become a great place to talk about automation on the internet.

First up we discussed several episodes which have added support for Siri Shortcuts. These include:

  • Toggl
  • CARROT Weather
  • Overcast
  • OmniFocus ... and several more.

We also talked about Launch Center Pro and how this is still a great tool to launch Shortcuts and other automations - especially with the time or place based notifications.

Scriptable has also launched, and it's a great app for automating on iOS. We're very excited to be the unofficial forums for it too.

It's been wonderful to see follow up automations and comments on our shows, the best place to put these is in our forums, we have a thread (created automatically!) for each show. Feel free to post your automation either in the thread or in a new thread (or on your blog!) and link to it in the episode thread.

We listened to the feedback and we will continue to produce screencasts for Automators. They're available on YouTube, and also on

David and I have had great fun making these first 7 episodes, and we can't wait to make more and dive into areas of automation we haven't yet covered!

Episode 7: Feedback Time!


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