In this episode of Autmators, David and I took a headlong plunge into automating our capture and review processes. As we mentioned on the show, automated capture is a double-edged sword - capturing too much can lead to overwhelm, but I also find automated capture to be a problem solver as then I don’t have to do the actual capturing myself, something that could be dangerous!

Since we recorded the show I’ve been experimenting even more with Pushcut and the automation server to create projects in OmniFocus. It’s not ready to share yet, but I’m working on that!

For me, the biggest automation and productivity win recently has come from looking at review. I’m building an automated review of both tasks due today, tasks tagged with my Forecast tag, and tasks completed today into different parts of my day. This is really keeping me on top of things and things are slipping through the cracks less and less now.

I’m also very glad that David is experimenting with the Shortcuts home screen again. I’m still not completely sold on this for myself, but there are several use cases where I can see myself benefitting. For the time being I’m working on using LaunchCuts to set up a good folder structure - and I’ve added a few Shortcuts to my home screen which just open specific folders. This means I only have to maintain the folders in one place, and with the smart folders this is pretty easy to do.