In the latest episode of Automators David and I went crazy over AirTable - we use it to plan Automators which makes our life so much easier, that combined with the automations you can attach to this meant it was the perfect topic for an episode of Automators!

As well as AirTable we touched on David’s Keyboard Maestro Field Guide</a

  • he’s put together over 4 hours of video content and I’ve been learning a lot from it!
    We also produced two screencasts for this episode:

Automators 24 - Automating the Automators with Airtable

Automators 24: Blog Post Editorial Calendar in AirTable with Shortcuts

I also have a bonus tip for you which I stole from Matthew Casinelli, if you modify a dictionary that you get from AirTable in Shortcuts, switch your Get Content of URL action to POST a file - and then use a magic variable to grab the dictionary you need to send to AirTable. Magic!

I hope you enjoy the show: Automators 24: Automating with AirTable</a

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