Automators 19: Shortcuts Updates

In episode 19 of Automators David and I dive into recent updates to Shortcuts.

David has recently updated his Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, and if you listen to the podcast there’s a discount code you can use to get a $10 discount – he’s added a lot of videos which are great!

In the episode I talked about my backup and restore setup for Shortcuts – the thing that saved me when I “lost” hundreds of Shortcuts! First of all, you can find out how many shortcuts you have with this Shortcut: Count & List Shortcuts. It explicitly ignores any untitled shortcuts – as those are ones which I created once to use and haven’t got around to deleting. The next step is toBackup Shortcuts – I chose to do this as an archive, because it simplifies the process in the next shortcut – Install Missing Shortcut. Even if you aren’t having problems with your Shortcuts it never hurts to back them up, this way if you like me get stuck in a corner due to betas then you can uninstall and reinstall with no qualms.

When we were talking about the 2.2 update and what it will bring to Notes, I mentioned you could use a shortcut to handle the possibility of multiple notes – in fact you can use one Shortcut to handle this possibility with anything. Handle Multiple is a mini shortcut which lets you handle possible multiple inputs – if it just has one, be that a note, file, contact, or indeed anything, it returns it, otherwise it lets you choose and returns the chosen item. It’s quite clever that you can provide input to a shortcut without it needing to be able to accept it – this keeps it out of your share sheet. To set this up though I did enable that to use the magic variables for Shortcut Input, and then I turned it off again.

Automators Episode 19: Shortcuts Updates

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