Automators 41: Automated Health Tracking

In this week’s episode of Automators, David and I dove into health tracking. As it’s the start of the year I’ve been trying to figure out what my health goals are – but I couldn’t let them get away from me without a little automation!

After we recorded I stumbled across Charty, an app in beta which like many new apps popping up on my radar at the moment, is designed to integrate with Shortcuts. This one is, as you may guess from the name, designed to help you create charts with data. I’ve not yet figured out how to give it health data to make a chart (I suspect I need to split the times and data points first), but I’ll be experimenting with this over the next few weeks!

One of my favourite things to do with Shortcuts, is to make “dumb” devices smart. I’ve helped my parents track blood pressure and blood glucose, as well as added Health integration to my FitBit scales, all with just a few Shortcuts.

I hope you enjoy the 41st episode of Automators: Automated Health Tracking!

Automators 39: Automating iBeacons

On this week’s episode of Automators, David and I dove into the wonderful world of iBeacons! We explored our uses for these handy location triggers including taking them on the road with us. As well as this, we looked at which iBeacons really work for us, and what apps give you the most benefit.

Automators 39: Automating iBeacons.

Thanks to our sponsors for this week’s episode: ExpressVPN, Freshbooks and Kensington.

Announcing Take Control of Shortcuts

Take Control of Shortcuts cover

Today I’m excited to announce my new book: Take Control of Shortcuts.

Shortcuts is a handy app, but even with examples it can be hard to know where to begin. People have asked me if I could recommend a guide to Shortcuts to them, and this book is my answer.

It explains everything, from the user interface basics and essential terminology, to building and debugging your own complex shortcuts.

The book includes 15 example shortcuts with exact steps to build them and download links for each. There are also chapters on working with APIs, as well as complementary applications you can use to enhance your Shortcuts experience.

Take Control of Shortcuts is part of the fabulous Take Control series. It’s a privilege to join the ranks of their knowledgeable and experienced authors.

I hope you enjoy the book. I’ve enjoyed writing it and hope that everyone can learn something new from it.

Get the book at Take Control!